How to Change


For example, let's say you want to become a vegetarian for optimum physical and mental health and peace of mind. You have read a few books on the subject, have some friends who are vegetarian, and you are convinced that this is the way to go. This is a major change for most people. Food is an integral part of our lives. Changing the diet on which we were raised, which our parents and grandparents fed us, could be traumatic to say the least. You have been eating your present diet for many decades and suddenly you want to change everything. No matter how much enthusiasm, determination and resolve you have, there is a good chance you won't be successful. Remember the health club, jogging, roller blading and all the other fantastic thing you thought would improve the quality of your life?

How could one change, for example, these eating habits which have been developed over a life time, and make it work? Make a plan, something you can really live with. Maybe cut red meat down by half. Try this for two or three months. What's the rush? You have the rest of your life! Give this a chance to become a habit. After two or three months, it will be almost painless to give up the red meat. Next, cut down on fish and chicken............and so forth.

By making a plan on whatever changes you want to make, whatever you want to get out of or add to your life, by slowing implementing the plan and creating new habits over long periods of time you can make significant changes in your life. In the beginning, it doesn't seem like much, but over span of two, three and even ten years, you have made incredible changes in your life. In yoga, we call this evolution, NOT revolution.