Anatomy Coloring Book


    The Anatomy Coloring Book (3rd Edition or later) by Wynn Kapit and Lawrence Elson is a hands-on tool in that it is more than just dry reading. As the student studies different body systems, she reinforces what she is learning by coloring the corresponding sketches. Please read and carefully follow the "Introduction to Coloring" found at the beginning of the book.
    If you obtain a later edition (when it becomes available), page numbers may differ. Color pages by name rather than number
    Students should finish the entire book by the end of the eighth week of the course. Because many of the pages presented in the text go way beyond the basic knowledge needed by a yogic teacher, we require that the students read only certain pages to meet the minimum requirements of the course. Hopefully, you will be inspired to return again and again to this fascinating book and further enhance your knowledge of human anatomy.
    Many students often decide to take this course months (sometimes years) before they actually take the course. If you would like to complete these requirements before the course starts, this is ok. Just turn in your book when the course starts to get credit for your homework.
    It is the students responsibility to turn in her text book each Sunday evening so that Bharata may check the requirements from the previous week and return the text book at the Tuesday evening seminar. When turning in the text book, please mark the pages to be checked with a Post-It (sticky paper) note. Place your attendance sheet inside of the book in order to be credited with the homework.
    Week 1
    Pages 12 &13
    1.Tissues: Supporting Connective Tissues - Week
    2.Tissues: Muscle
    Week 2
    Pages 21 through 23
    1.Skeletal & Articular Systems: Axial/Appendicular Skeleton
    2.Skeletal & Articular Systems: Classification of Joints Skeletal & Articular Systems: Terms of Movement
    Week 3
    Pages 27 through 30
    1.Skeletal & Articular Systems: Vertebral Column
    2.Skeletal & Articular Systems: Cervical & Thoracic Vertebrae Skeletal & Articular Systems: Lumbar, Sacral & Coccygeal Vertebrae
    3.Skeletal & Articular Systems: Bony Thorax
    Week 4
    Pages 45 & 69
    1.Skeletal Muscular System: Integration of Muscle Action (includes Actors in Elbow Flexion)
    2.Skeletal Muscular System: Functional Overview
    Week 5
    Pages 102 & 103
    1.Cardiovascular System: Scheme of Blood Circulation
    2.Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels
    Week 6
    Pages 121 &129
    1.Lymphatic System: Lymphocyte Circulation
    2.Respiratory System: Overview of the System

    Week 7
    Pages 133, 134 & 135
    1.Respiratory System: Lobes & Pleuof the Lungs
    2.Respiratory System: Lower Respiratory Tract
    3.Respiratory System: Mechanism of Respiration

    Time Requirements of the Course