Yoga Class

More Than Just Classes!

YogaPeace is more than just yoga classes. In additional to free daily guided meditation services, we offer a few specialized courses:

Beginners Courses

New to yoga? Maybe you have just dabbled a little bit and need an inspiring re-start? Have fun, and get all of the wonderful benefits of this ancient discipline. Four weeks. Wednesdays 7 - 8:30 PM. $49

Meditation Courses

Your perception of the world is a reflection of your state of mind. We perceive music, food, visual stimuli, virtually everything outside of ourselves differently from other. If this were not so, everyone would like and dislike ALL for the same things. Learn techniques to quiet the mind and find real inner peace completely independent of the external. Three weeks. Thursdays 7-8 PM. $29

You Can Do It!

Take your practice to the next level! The impossible really isn't! With a few tricks and a lot of inspiration, you can go forward! Some things are so much easier to learn from someone else's experience.

Yoga Teacher Training

This is the most serious yoga teacher training in this area. It's not about being a pretzel. It's not about knowing how to talk non-stop about all the wonderful things you know about yoga. It's about living the yogic life style, about putting yourself in that peaceful space in order to effectively share it with others. It is comprehensive in scope. Click here for more details.

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