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    Do I have to be advanced or proficient in asanas to take this course?
    No, people of all ages, body shapes and physical conditions have successfully completed our yoga teacher training. There is no competition in yoga, nothing you have to prove. As you will learn in the course, the most important qualification for a yoga teacher is attitude.
    I work full-time. Am I still able to participate in the course?
    For most people, this is a definite "yes!" Excuse the pun, but the course is somewhat flexible. Some aspects are required at a specific time:
    Morning meditations
    Tuesday & Thursday evening seminars
    Sunday morning karma yoga and advanced classes
    Sunday evening meditations and pot luck dinners
    Other requirements, such as yoga classes, can be worked around your busy schedule. We have so many classes that you can always fit classes in around your work schedule.
    I have to miss a few days in the course because I have a previous commitment.
    Usually, when people know in advance they have to be out of town, we suggest they start the requirements such as meditations and yoga classes before the course begins. We will give you an attendance sheet to keep track of these. Please note that when you start "pre-make-ups" you have to start living the life style. The purpose of all of this is to give you a complete yoga experience. If you know in advance you will be away, Bharata, the director, can often work with you. Many people "make up" classes and meditations before the course starts, getting credits to cover the time they will be away. Contact Bharata if this applies to you.
    What if someone has done little of no yoga, can they take this course?
    Sometimes this works to the student's advantage. Even though they have little or no yoga experience, they also don't have some of the bad habits student often develop when they aren't properly supervised. This course is thorough and comprehensive enough that, after a few weeks, relatively new students usually gain confidence, flexibility and strength.
    What about seniors or those with physical limitations?

    This course is not about becoming a "pretzel" or a contortionist. There is no competition in yoga. Each person goes at her own pace according to where the body happens to be. The beautiful part about yoga is everyone reaps the benefits regardless of physical ability. It's quite beautiful.

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