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Butterfly Posture

Classical Yoga is an experience almost beyond words. It is like taking a vacation without leaving town. It is like getting a massage, but doing it yourself. Yoga relieves so many aches and pains. Physically and mentally! This ancient discipline transports you to a sacred space inside of yourself beyond the hassles and turmoils of daily life.

Concerned just about your body? No other exercise system offer the breath and depth of yoga. A good yoga class stretches and strengthens all of the major muscle groups in the body making them both stronger and more flexible. It massages the internal organs, increasing blood flow, thereby, bringing more oxygen and nutrients and taking away more toxins. Yoga makes blood arteries more elastic, allowing them to stretch and carry more blood without raising blood pressure. The list is almost endless!

Whatever depth you are seeking, yoga offers a solution.

Are you stressed? Yogic breathing is the answer. In yoga, we breath more deeply and slowly - in a more relaxed manner. Because you get more air into your lung with each breath, you don't have to breathe as quickly. Your breathing slows down. The relaxation response kicks in. It's almost magical: a simple thing like breathing correctly, alters your consciousness and transforms stress into peace and quiet.

With a little practice, you can take the breathing from the classroom to your world and feel its powerful effects.

Want to go even deeper: beyond the physical and mental parts? Yoga has the tools to assist you in achieving that peace that goes beyond the body, beyond the mind and the intellect.

Yoga offers you what you really need. Plug yoga into your life today.