This is a win/win situation. This yoga teacher training program is unique in the truest sense of the word. It is practical, academic and, most importantly, experiential. It could be the one of the best things you've ever done for yourself. 

Most people ease their way into yoga, go to class once, twice or even three times a week, gradually stretching and strengthening their bodies, which often have been ignored for a long time. This discipline allows their minds to receive the myriad of benefits for which yoga is so well known. This is the norm. It's wonderful; it's healthy and it works.
On the other hand, there is a group of people out there who aren't satisfied with the norm, who march to a different drummer, who continually stretch their envelopes (sorry, no pun intended) and go for things with their whole heart, mind and soul. They visualize other possibilities besides the humdrum, everyday lives most people yawn and live through.

Imagine quieting your mind, greatly diminishing stress, getting rid of a lot of body aches and pains, and getting control of your emotions - while at the same time maxing yourself out! Getting heavy, eh? Is this an oxymoron? Maxing out seems to contradict the previous imagining.

Then imagine getting stronger and more flexible and learning skills to put you in the driver's seat of life. And imagine being in the world, going through all of your daily responsibilities and dealing with them better than you ever have.
Yoga & Inner Peace's Yoga Teacher Program could take you there.
Most people exclaim:" I have never done yoga before," or "I'm too old, too fat or whatever, to do that," or "I don't want to be a yoga teacher." Nobody is too old or fat. And you don't have to actually teach yoga to get great satisfaction in taking this course.

The Yoga Teacher Training is designed to give you an intense experience of what yoga can do for your life. We have frequently had students who were completely new to yoga, take this course and do extremely well.

If you do want to teach yoga, this experience will give you a better understanding of what the yoga teaching experience is about and what you will be trying to share with your students.

Through this full-yoga experience, you will know, not just intellectually or rationally, but experientially, the real essence of yoga. Someone said, "This course puts you in the 'headspace of yoga'." It is immersion.

This program takes you out of the "I can't, I won't, it's impossible" headspace. It shows you your real potential, your basically unlimited ability. No, we do not guarantee to make you into a pretzel or give you a super strong body. Likewise, we claim no magic or supernatural powers. Au contraire, we are basically ordinary people trying to accomplish the extraordinary, trying to get out of our everyday ruts by using the

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