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This journey begins with your own effort. The road map is simple: The more positive self-discipline you apply to your life, the more peaceful, grounded and stronger you will become. In other words, the results directly reflect what you do.

To be peaceful, content and happy, you have to come out of the chaos.

Obviously, you can't control some of the external stimuli, such as your work environment or your neighborhood. These things often contribute to the hectic pace of your life, but, surprisingly, you do have many controllable options which, when applied, help to bring you to a more peaceful, yogic state.

Our course is designed to take you there, to put you into that peaceful, yogic headspace. (Watch the videos!)

You begin your life in your inner monastery by living a quiet, monastic-type life style during the course. If you eliminate many of the distractions you continually introduce into your life, you start to clearly see what's happening inside. This means:

    no radio
    no television
    no movies
    no music (other than quiet, yogic music)

Avoid loud places and loud company.

In other words, go inside, allow yourself to become quiet.

One student described it as "Inward bound!" After a few weeks of this life style, of removing most of the distractions that most pacify themselves with, you begin to realize how crazy so much of your life really is. With practice, you yearn more for the inner peace that yoga has to offer.

In addition to our surroundings, diet has a powerful influence on your consciousness. What you eat strongly influences your state of mind and affects whether you are calm or restless, and whether you are edgy or grounded. During the course, we require you to completely follow a yogic, vegetarian diet:

    no meat
    no fish
    no eggs
    no alcohol
    no caffeine
    no tobacco
    no non-prescription (recreational) drugs

As with the rest of the life style, you will notice after just a few weeks (sometimes even a few days!) on this routine what a profound effect diet has on your consciousness. As with all things yogic, there is no blind faith involved here. Prove it to yourself through your own experience.

Uniforms - Students are required to wear yellow teacher training t-shirts and long (not capri or short) baggy (not stretch) plain white pants (available at nurse uniform stores) to all activities including graduation. (NOTE: Copy's Uniform gives 10% discount to our students on white pants. Manager: Mary. 4409 S. Congress Ave. Across from PBSC behind Wendy's)

Time Requirements of the Course