A Miracle in Thought

Miracles are things that we think CAN'T happen, things that contradict our logic, our rational minds. When these impossible things happen, our rational minds short out and fail us for an explanation. The default mode calls it a miracle. Practitioners of yoga continually experience miracles, things they knew they couldn't do or be. Brenda's story takes miracles to the nth degree, beyond anyone's, particularly medical science's, wildest imagination. Brenda, who was apparently completely physically limited by a tragic accident, used her yoga training to soar to mental heights most of us don't even dream of. Here is Brenda's story:

Brenda Cole & Gail Evans

Gail Evans is on the left. Brenda Cole is on the right.

We have all heard teachers, coaches, and motivational speakers discuss the power of positive thinking. Thought power is a very strong force, because it is form that follows thought. We have all seen examples of how an individual's thoughts and attitudes affect their lives. The results of daily challenges or opportunities greatly depend on a positive or negative mindset. Whether you think you can, or you can't, you are probably right.

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