New Students - You Have Options


We are all different. New students can't all be expected to go to the same class. Your first choice is whether you want to go to our beginners yoga course or attend any of our other on-going classes. What is the difference? Either choice works for most individuals. The most important consideration is what you feel comfortable with. Many people take our beginners course which takes new students step by step in a very easy style through the basic yoga postures, yogic breathing, concentration techniques, and stress reduction. Other students prefer (for many reasons) to start with on-going classes - classes which include both new and long-time students. In these classes, instructions are given according to the needs of the student. When new students are in class, teacher pays particular attention to them. The pace is a little more than the beginners course, but definitely do-able. One of the really nice things about yoga is there is no competition. Bharata likes to say, "As soon as you walk in the door, you win!" It doesn't get any better than that.


Yoga has been around for thousands of years; it really works! Best of all, we do, traditional, authentic, time-proven classical yoga.

In all of our classes we comprehensively work, stretch, and strengthen all of the major muscle groups in the body. This promotes good spinal health, improves circulation, and optimizes the health of the whole body.

We teach you how to breath correctly. Yes, you're been breathing your whole life, but Yogic Breathing gets a lot more air into your lungs - up to 50% more! This is important because stress goes hand-in-hand with more rapid (and most often shallow) breathing . With Yogic Breathing you get more air into your lungs so you don't have to breath as fast - your rate of respiration (how fast you breathe) slows down. As your rate of respiration slows down the relaxation response kicks it.

It's so simple! Once you learn Yogic Breathing, you can practice it regularly and incorporate it into your daily life. Attending class regularly reinforces correct breathing. The effects are miraculous.

We do simple concentration exercises while holding yogic postures. Practicing concentration is very grounding and uplifting. It makes your whole life more peaceful and truly enhances inner contentment.

Please advise us if you have any medical countra-indications that may limit your yoga practice. Your teacher needs to be advised of any pain or discomfort that could affect your practice or any special needs or attention that you may require.

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