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What to Wear

Standing Forward bend

We suggest comfortable, modest, loose-fitting clothing - nothing tight or binding like blue jeans. Any kind of exercise clothing usually works. The most common attire is shorts and t-shirt.

What to Bring

If you have a yoga mat, please bring it. If you don't, we we have mats to rent. If you don't have a mat, we suggest you check out a class before purchasing a mat. We have a variety of mats available in our boutique including some eco-friendly rubber mats that are PVC free. Many of our regular students swear by them!

Water - Some students hydrate during class, but it isn't usually necessary. Our yoga room is air conditioned (!) and yoga is done at a relatively comfortable pace

Five friends! They will love you for it! Yoga really works. A common response when leaving our classes is, "Wow! I feel so relaxed, so good!"

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It's best not to eat or drink for about two hours before doing yoga. Because of the bending and stretching, it can be a bit uncomfortable if your stomach is full.

Most Importantly

Bring an open mind. Yoga is a full, rich, comprehensive experience which, when taught correctly, can enhance not just your body,but also your life ...in many ways. Enjoy.