Optimism - Your Choice

Natural Awakenings - September 2009

"An Optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty. A pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity." - Swami Sivananda

I hear you thinking (Yogis have psychic powers, you know!), "That's easy for you to say. You are probably sitting there chanting 'Om' all day, escaping from the real world, fantasizing about love and peace, not worrying about a job, bills and a gazillion other things I have to deal with. You have a sheltered life with no difficulties."

Telepathically I respond, "Yeah, right!"

The psychic ping pong match continues.

"Opportunity / difficulty, half-empty / half-full, fantasy ... Yeah, yeah, yeah! My life is real! These are my problems. I have to deal with them! You try it,"

Is there an absolute answer? No.

...And yes!

Obviously, we can never have absolute control over the external - what's happening outside. In truth, we have very little control over things external - something that most, in their more lucid mode - and perhaps, begrudgingly - acknowledge. (Remember, you make God laugh, by telling him your plans!)

Admitting a lack of control positions us with dealing with it. Are we just out-of-control rubber balls bouncing around between fortunes and misfortunes of life? (A really scary thought!) Where do we really have control?

The only real option of complete control is in our minds. The bottom line: attitude. Is the glass half empty or half full? Do we see "difficult" situations in life as opportunities to grow or "bummers" that pull us down? Do we have a choice in how we see things?

We definitely have a choice. It may not be a choice we make in an instance or a week, but we have a choice in choosing to take the downward path of negativism, defeatism and "woe-is-me-ism" or the upward positive road of optimism.

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