Lotus posture by reflecting pool

Life Style

Students are required to live a quiet, monastic-type life style during the course:

Vegetarian Diet - No meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, tobacco, non-prescription (recreational) drugs  Try to remain in a quiet, non-stimulating environment: No radio, television, movies, music (other than quiet, yogic music).  Avoid loud places and loud company.

Yoga Classes

Students should at least 7 yoga  classes per week.  If you have time, it is excellent to attend 2 classes each day.  Advanced class counts as a class.  You should assist in at least three classes per week.


Attend all morning (Monday-Saturday 6 AM) and Sunday evening (5:45 PM) meditations.


Seminars are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 PM.  Many seminars last two hours, but some are shorter.  All seminars are required.  If work or other serious issue prevents you from attending a seminar, discuss it with Bharata. Most seminars can be recorded. 

Anatomy & Physiology

Times are arranged during each course.  Students will watch a Yoga Anatomy DVD.  The Anatomy Coloring Book is also part of this requirement.


8:00 Karma Yoga (Selfless Service) at Yoga & Inner Peace

9:00 Advanced Class

5:45 PM Meditation and Pot Luck Vegetarian Dinner


BEFORE the end of the first week of the course, you should have memorized a basic yoga class and been tested on it by YogaPeace staff. Click HERE to see basic yoga class.

Before the course starts:

Before the seventh week of the course:

The Anatomy Coloring Book - Weekly assignments


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