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Before the seventh week of the course:

    The Sivananda Companion to Meditation (the Sivananda Yoga Centers)
    The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga by Swami Vishnu Devananda.

Oral exams for all books should be arranged and completed before the end of the second to last week of the course.

Suggested reading: The China Study by T. Colin Campbell


Preferably before the course begins or by the end of the first week, you should have an oral exam with Bharata on

    2. Yoga Mind and Body

Contact Bharata for these exams

During the course (before the start of the last week of the course)

    1. Sivananda Companion to Meditation
    2. The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga

The only written exam during the course is the final examination which is usually held on the last Thursday evening of the course.  This exam is in essay form and is comprehensive.  It is highly suggested that the student does not wait until the end of the course to study for this exam.  Review and regular studying should be done from the very beginning of the course. 


Teacher trainees are required to wear yellow YogaPeace teacher training t-shirts (available at the center)  and long, baggy (not stretch), white pants to ALL activities attended at YogaPeace.  This  includes meditations, yoga classes, special events and graduation.