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This course works! It makes you feel good - not just physically, but, more importantly, mentally and spiritually.

Our Classical Yoga Teacher Training Course puts you in the "headspace" of yoga, and gives you what the mystics of all eastern disciplines talk about, a taste of that inner quiet, peace and stillness. It can be paradoxically described as taking a vacation while you are still living your life and working your job - a vacation where you do more, work harder, but, in the end, you feel quieter, happier and more joyful than you have in a long time.

To be an effective yoga teacher, or to live an effective yogic life, you have to have tasted or sampled the wonderful inner peace that is found in the essence of yoga. This wonderful course gives you the tools to go there!

The foundation of this adventure is discipline, self-discipline, something that anyone, regardless of age or body condition, can practice!

This eight-week course offers a profound personal experience, designed to build a firm foundation of inner discipline and provide the proficiency to teach yoga to others. Among the many benefits students report are increased strength and flexibility, greater spiritual awareness, improved power of concentration, enhanced self-esteem and a new found sense of self-discipline.

Please join us on this Inward Bound Adventure!

FREE Classes for Graduates!

Free Yoga Teacher Training for teens under 18 - Summer program only

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"Yoga is a life of self-discipline. Yoga balances, harmonizes, purifies and strengthens the body, mind and soul. It shows the way to perfect health, perfect mind control and perfect peace with one's own Self, the world, nature and God."
- Swami VIshnu Devananda