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    The course has benefited me tremendously. I'm afraid to admit it has changed my life. I feel I've never been happier from the inside out, no outside influences. Yoga is so much more powerful than I ever imagined. The only exercise I thought I needed was modern day gym, lifting weights and Stairmaster, but I was still never really getting happy on the inside. I never realized the practice of yoga would relieve my mental tension as well as physical. I have enormous energy and vitality throughout the day. I took one nap throughout the entire course while working late many nights. I'm proof that it works. I feel I have attained a sense of inner peace for the first time in my whole life. Even my closest friends have noticed significant changes in me.
    This course has gotten me out of a spiritual and mental rut I have been in for months. It taught me a lot about myself and others. - Tasia Simon
    Thanks for the mind stretching! - Diana Loy
    This course has made me see things I have never seen before. It has shown me that we can control the world we see (i.e. how we see it). If you want to see hatred in people, we can do this, too. I choose peace. It has shown me how to live without judging people. As we live in a sattvic (pure) life style, the world looks so different.
    This course has helped to put some discipline in my life. It has really calmed me down. - Jack Lee
    This course has been such a blessing! I keep wondering how I could have gotten so lucky. The sattvic (pure) life style has replaced some yucky old samskaras (mental habits or impressions) with a quieter inner being and some new habits that keep enhancing each day more and more. I loved being challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually. So much cheap noise has gone from my day to day life (like TV, gossiping, etc.) and, therefore, my mind is quieter and happier. Physically, I feel wonderful, fit and stronger. I love the nurturing feeling of working hands on with other people. I am grateful for the reminder of what is important. I feel more complete than when I started. I feel that my outer and inner life are more harmonious and connected.
    This course has benefited me by helping with discipline, fears and consistency. Most importantly, the asanas (yoga postures) have helped with my chronic back pain. - Patrick McElhenney
    I had some tremendous realizations during the course. It has touched every part of my life. I feel more energy and am clearer. - Mary Holroyd
    The course was GREAT! I feel blessed and privileged to have been a part. I learned that I was able to push myself quite hard and built a "can-do" attitude. - Christopher McVoy


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