Thought Power

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From a gross perspective most people think they can hide their thoughts, but our thoughts are reflected in our faces and bodies. Thoughts are reflected in our faces and our bodies. Sensitive people are able to perceive what kind of thoughts you have just by looking at you. The predominate thoughts in one' s mind are manifested in their presence.

Our emotions follow our thoughts; they are actually controlled by our thoughts. For examples, let's assume that someone on whom you were depending for something didn't follow through with the promised task, you might start thinking, " He let me down." Following this thought, sadness, disappointment and all the corresponding emotions come into your mind. Suddenly, you're in a low state. On the other hand, your immediate thought have been, "Maybe he had a problem, or some difficulty arose; I must phone and see if there is anything I can do to help." Consequently, no depression, only a serious concern for the other person. The thoughts create our whole mood, our whole emotional state.

In yoga, our emphasis on positive thinking. With positive thinking we change our consciousness completely. We don't focus or even think about what we can't do, but focus on the task at hand, that we will get it done and how it will be done. With repeated practice we create very powerful positive samskaras which not only affect our own lives but those of all with whom we come into contact.