Meditation - Not What You Think

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attempt bring the focus back to them over and over again, but, as we experience over and over again, after a period of time, they fail to bring the desired satisfaction. We seek happiness in something else external, repeating the cycle over and over again.

With meditation, we are also focusing the mind. But instead of going to external points we are going within, going beyond the rambling, scattered rays of the mind to a an inner peace. We are using the mind as a tool to change itself. Through regular practice of meditation we're creating new, positive, uplifting mental habits. As the mind becomes quieter, it also becomes more focused, more powerful, able to accomplish whatever task is placed before it more easily and quickly and more effectively.

At Yoga and Inner Peace we a Sunday evening program that helps you to experience a little of this mental peace. We have a 4 PM yoga class followed by a 6 PM guided meditation. The meditation is followed by a vegetarian pot luck dinner. It's a great way to prepare for a new week.