Where Are We Going?

Sometimes we continually run around looking for ways to improve ourselves - counseling, radio and television talk shows, books, courses, jumping through loops (!), running the whole gamut in order to become better people.
What is happening? Does the forest get completely obscured by the trees. Do we upgrade to advanced versions of life before having mastered the basic programs?

Self-improvement is a lofty goal, but we often do we frantically scurry about in pursuit of uncertain and ill-defined goals. Are there pre-requisites? Is there a basic program that we should master before even considering upgrading?
Self-improvement is very much like building a house. Before constructing the walls and roof, we have to have a good, solid foundation. Without that, usability is extremely limited.

Before we get to the advanced things communication skills, relationships, etc., let's work on our own foundation. Let's get the proper infrastructure .

The cornerstone of this infrastructure or foundation is goodness. Sounds too simple, doesn't it? We can hear the old tapes from our childhood. We had better be good for "goodness sake" and for Santa. Now it seems like something vague from a by-gone era - almost archaic.

Focusing on this one virtue changes the whole perspective. It filters and upgrades everything we think and do.

Treat the mind like a garden. With proper cultivating, fertilizing and watering, you can cultivate goodness flowers in your mind that will yield harvests of joy and contentment in your heart.

Entertain good, sublime thoughts. Continually watch your thoughts. As you consciously watch your thoughts, you will better understand how your mind is working. You see the "flow" of your mind will understand better the mind's weaknesses.