Why Vegetarianism?

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Try a vegetarian diet for three months. You may find some difficulty in the beginning, but it is not as difficult as quitting smoking. The rewards for your effort will far outweigh the difficulties. You will find you feel better, have a higher energy level, a cleaner digestive system, increased mental clarity, and a sweeter body odor.

For further reading on this fascinating subject, I cannot recommend highly enough John Robbins' extraordinary book The Food Revolution.. In an easy-to-read, but powerful style Robbins shows how our modern civilization is built on such an inhumane system of food production.

If you would like to learn more about vegetarianism or would like hands-on (teeth-on?) experience with vegetarianism, come to the Sunday night vegetarian pot luck dinner at YogaPeace. The dinner follows the 5:45 PM guided meditation service (satsang). Bring a vegetarian dish.