Yoga House Living Room

The Yoga House

A Sacred Residential Facility

YogaPeace has been blessed to acquire a beautiful airy house with oak floors in suburban Lake Worth about a six-minute walk, or less than a two minute drive, from the yoga center. This ashram-style residence designed to optimize your journey through yoga teacher training. (An ashram is a yoga monastery.) The Yoga House offers the peaceful, positive and quiet environment necessary to go inside in search of true inner peace. Located in Lake Worth, about ten minutes from a beautiful beach, the Yoga house is an eco-friendly setting with quiet spaces for meditation contemplation and personal yoga practice. It has a fully-furnished kitchen, a beautiful wheat grass growing area, a huge screened patio, oak floors, and a large private back yard with a colorful six-foot privacy fence making it an ideal place to rest, sunbathe, study and practice yoga. We now have free WiFi for our residents. The Yoga House is only a ten-minute drive from beautiful Lake Worth Beach!

The Yoga House is an ecologically proactive facility, has been renovated, to produce a small carbon foot print: