For Yoga Teachers & Serious Students

Take your practice to the next level! The impossible really isn't! With a few tricks and a lot of inspiration, you can go forward!
Some things are so much easier to learn from someone else's experience. Bharata has that experience. He has taught yoga all over the world to tens of thousands of people. He has directed three yoga centers and an ashram, and founded and directed Yoga & Inner Peace. He is finishing up a motivational book entitled ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE ATTITUDE! Inspiration For Yoga Teachers & Students.
This hands-on workshop is both theoretical and practical. It is full of tips and tricks to make the "impossible" possible.

In this workshop, you will get both theory and hands-on practice of instructing the following asanas:
Headstand, Scorpion, Handstand, Peacock, and Standing Up from the Wheel.
Please wear modest clothing and arrive early.

Tuesdays 7-10 PM - ONLY $20

Check back for exact date in February 2014

All participants of this workshop will receive the chapter which deals with these postures from Bharata's up-coming book.

Bharata, a master motivator and extraordinary teacher, shares his experience of more than three decades of teaching yoga. His insights and knowledge will change the way you experience the ancient science of yoga.

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